Pasture Raised Eggs

How do you get the best quality eggs?

By having happy chickens living a natural life on the farm as nature intended.

Our Isa Brown chickens spend their days roaming the pastures at Tandarra located on the pristine far south coast of NSW. 

They forage for insects they find in the grass along with a variety of seeds and vegetation.

They have large movable caravans that house their nesting boxes where they choose to go to lay their eggs, which are then collected several times a day and weighed, cleaned, quality checked and packaged in our on farm processing facility.  

We offer supplementary high quality feed on demand specifically designed for layer hens to our girls, to ensure they get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrition they need to stay healthy and produce only the best quality eggs you can buy.


Happy Chickens = Quality Eggs

Daily scenes of life on the farm for Tandarra Chickens