Tandarra Belted Galloways

With farming sheep, comes the challenge of parasite management.

Researching more natural and holistic management of this industry wide problem led us to purchasing cattle. While we always put the animal’s health first and provide treatment where necessary, our preference was for naturally healthy happy livestock, with minimal interference and handling.  

Being used to large animals through our horses, and impressed by the great and very productive birthing and mothering qualities of our sheep, we researched many breeds and eventually chose the Beltie for its outstanding quiet yet hardy temperament, beautifully marbled lean meat (at just 2% fat*) and of course their beautiful belted coats which are in high demand.

Click HERE to go to the ABGA web site to learn more about the breed and the benefits of owning and farming these wonderful productive docile animals.
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About Highland Cattle

What can we say here, no farm is complete without these magnificent Highland Cattle. 

We were fortunate to secure a small high calibre breeding herd from a local source during 2018, an opportunity we couldn’t say no to - especially with John being born in Scotland! 

Apart from fantastic, slowly matured marbled beef, their hides make fantastic floor rugs and are in high demand. 

We are building our herd and will have stock available for purchase during 2020.

Click HERE to visit the Australian Highland Cattle site for more information on this breed.

Belted Galloways For Sale



7 month old bull calves and heifer calves $1100 - $1500

Contact us for current available stock

All stock are purebred, sired by our Purebred Bull, and our herd of registered Purebred Cows. 

Contact us to pre-order or for viewing post birth. 

Highland Cattle For Sale



Contact us for current available stock